Black dog ate my soul

Here I am stuck in my corner, naked and vulnerable. My depression affects me spiritually, physically and mentally. I try to portray this in my art. Churchill often talked about his depression as a black dog and this has become a bit of a pet name for us depressed people. I feel the dog chews away at my identity, and a void zombie like state appears instead.

This painting has been displayed in the ArtisAnn Art Gallery in East Belfast as part of a mental health awareness exhibition.

The Imagine Politics Festival displayed this painting in March 2020 as part of the “Art as Thearpy” exhibition at Take Up Space venue.

Price £150


A favourite example of Pet Portraits! Either you can have a print of Roxy, or I can paint your pet.

Pet Portraits £100

Psalm 23

Psalm 23

Probably the most known passage from the Bible. Often heard at funerals. From a dark place I painted this and over time added hope into the picture. I may have started in the valley of death, but at the moment I am resting and enjoying the banquet laid out before my enemies and I am enjoying it!


In all my art I use acrylics and paint on canvas.