Invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham in 2019 as recognition for interfaith work in Belfast.

Meet David

David has lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland for over twenty years. He is a native of Yorkshire.

For the majority of his adult life, David has struggled with mental health. He understands peoples struggle to overcome difficulties and this has become a driving force for David to start his business and use Art as a medium to solve issues and develop confidence and self worth.

"It is the challenge to see people become who they were created to be and too succeed, which motivates me to do well in all I do."

His career has reflected this from having worked as a church worker, community worker and a politician.

David is keen to especially work with and support people who struggle with life and through art provide a positive outlook.

Please do get in contact if you like to avail of David's services.

Life Model

David is available to be booked as a Life Model

David also offers other life model's opportunities to work and you can book other models through him.